My First Newsletter

Writing to think better: why I write and how I write.


I am on the path of improving myself in several aspects. The quality of my thought and my decision-making skills are on top of my list.

I was able to make great progress by thinking in writing and the first outcomes of this intense process are my first two blog posts.

In the first one I’ve addressed the reasons behind my motivation to write:
Why You Should Write.

In the most recent article, just published, I tell part of the story about how I’ve built one of the most important habits to me: writing daily:
How I Write.

This is my entry into the online self-publishing world. I will regret the rush in doing it, the spelling mistakes and the inelegant prose.

Well, I can’t wait any longer: here I am.

Thanks for reading so far, I would love to receive your impressions.

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