Long-term thinking: who is my audience?

How to explore your creativity while providing value to an audience?

It seems so naturally logic to ask myself, now, for “whom” should I write?

The playful exercise of starting with a topic, writing, and asking the key questions about it went quite well, so far.

Answering key questions

Why should you write?
This is where all started. I keep on having different thoughts on that article, each time that I reread it. It’s fine. That’s the goal for me to write. I write to clarify my thoughts and that is how it happens, by establishing a feedback loop between thinking, writing, reading, in a circular vortex. Never ending.

How do you write?
I am so proud of me. Really. I committed to build my daily writing habit. I was supposed to write for 31 day, 500 words per day and I ended-up writing more than 100’000 words for 100 days. Actually, I never stopped and I have no plans to stop.

The New Article: What should you write about?


This is the latest article I wrote and I want to share it with out. It’s my stream of thoughts, wrote down in a too early first-day-of-the-year morning. I realize I try to justify my eclecticism and my struggle with keeping a writing focus. And this is a reflection of today. Why should I specialize? Why should I go on one direction only? I’ve never done it and I will never do it. But, at the same time, I question myself: how do I match my urge to explore my creativity with the need of establishing a logical thread and a discourse with an audience?

That is you, my dear reader. I am talking about you. Having grown impatience of anything stealing time above the nano-second threshold of the extremely useful I am horrified thinking about you reading my words.

And so what?

“Who is my audience?”

I have no choice but risking of putting your patience to a hard test by writing about my explorations. I cannot afford to be brief. To be elegant, smooth and efficient with my writing. This is not my main occupation and this specific way of manifesting my thought is bringing so much benefits to my clarity and personal growth. Editing and reviewing would require too much time, now.

Nonetheless, how do I provide value for you? Where is that my efforts and my struggle are meeting my higher goal of helping people live better by thinking better?

This, unfortunately, is still not clear to me.

Would you care to give me some hints?